5 Steps to  Starting a Business

So you want to be a boss? This is your sign to get started.

Create a  business / brand plan

Map out a plan but also have a branding plan. From colors to a good name to a logo.

Have a brand mission.

What’s your brand’s story? Does it have a purpose? What makes it unique and why would a consumer want to invest their time/ money into it?

Learn about business

If you haven't already, take a business class or do some research. Know and study your industry.

Learn the art of bookkeeping

Until you can hire someone, learning to manage your books is essential. Keep track of everything from expenses to receipts and more.

Believe in Yourself

The greatest key to your success will be YOU. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals, get yourself a mentor, join groups and keep going!

The best thing you can do- with anything in life- is to keep on learning. You got this!

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