Bangs:  Worth the maintenance?

Women in quarantine have come out with a bang. Literally. If you want them, too, here's what you should know.

Are bangs right for you?

Before taking the plunge, let's figure out if bangs are right for you.  Determine your... -face shape  - hair length  - forehead size -skin type (not for oily skin)

Types of Bangs

Choose from... -Fringe bangs -Curtain bangs (less maintenance) -Blunt bangs -Side bang

Best hair styles with bangs

Bangs are so versatile!  You can style them with a ponytail, updos, braids, long and short styles.  Or hide them with a headband or clip.


Once you commit to a bang, you'll need a trim every month or so. You can also learn to trim it yourself in between haircuts.

Before you commit...

Not sure about it? Try on a wig or a clip-in bang and see how you like it. This is the easiest way to try out a bang without commitment.


- Try a clip-in bang -Schedule an appointment with a pro -Learn to maintain your bang in between haircuts