How to Style Sequins 


Make any outfit sparkle!

Sequin Flared Pants


A pair of sequin-flared bottoms add retro flair to your look. Pair with a solid top or be "extra" and top off with a faux fur!

Sequin Skirt


Pair with a turtleneck, sweater, or bouse. A sequin skirt is very versatile and perfect to dress up any look.

Sequin Dress


Go all out and rock a sequin dress! Pair with opaque tights and a solid pair of pumps.

Sequin Blazer


Add a touch of glam to your look with a sequin blazer. Go from casual to chic!

Sequin Boots 


Make a statement with a pair of sequin boots. They will always be a classic staple in your wardrobe!