Self-Care: Here's Why It's Important

Practicing self-care has proven to improve one's health. Here's why it's important.

Helps Reduce Stress

Daily exercise, breathing, and a good diet help reduce stress. These are all great forms of self-care.

Reduces Anxiety & Depression

According to the WHO, self-care can help promote health, prevent disease, and help people better cope with illness.

Prevents Burnout

Work a lot?  It's especially essential for those with demanding jobs to practice self-care as it even helps prevent burnout.

Improves  Quality  of Life

Having a routine helps improve quality of life.  For example, meditate in the morning, eat a healthy breakfast, take a walk and begin your day.

Self-Care is Important

Even when you feel you don't have time, PRIORITIZE yourself. Make the time for YOU.   You'll find that you will just function better.

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