Gather your Supplies

Before you begin, make sure you've got everything you need.  -cleaning cloths -brushes -disinfectant -multi-cleaners


-counter tops -stove -oven -microwave -fridge -toss expired items -wipe down cabinets & walls -sweep & mop floors


-tub & tile -toilet -mirrors -wipe walls & baseboards -wipe down cabinets & walls -wash towels, shower curtain, liner and bath mat -mop floors

Living Room

-wash windows -clean rugs  -polish floors -dust furniture -vacuum couches/curtains -wash throws/pillows -sanitize remotes/light switches


-go through closet/drawers and get rid of any unwanted clothing -organize closet/drawers -dust and polish furniture -wash windows -wash throws/pillows/bedding -sanitize remotes/light switches -wipe walls

Plan it out

Spring cleaning can take time. Taking the weekend to tackle it is ideal but if you don't have the time, plan to do it room by room. little by little. 

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