Road Trip Essentials: What to Pack Before You Hit the Road

When it comes to road trips, I've learned there are certain things needed. Read on for my essential list.

Safety first.  The first things on my list regard safety. A first aid kid, flashlight, water, and cash for emergency use. 

Stock up on snacks. Everyone gets the munchies when on the road for some reason. Last time we took a road trip, I ordered a box of snacks from Amazon and it worked out great.

Tech & Comfort

Cozy things like hoodies, socks, pillows, and blankets are a must. And don't forget your chargers, headphones, and batteries!

Clean Up

Trash bags, paper towels, Lysol wipes. Those are my go-to's for clean up.The worst thing on a road trip is a dirty car!

Remember to make your own essentials checklist and review it before you hit the road.  Happy road tripping!

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