Fall is almost here and for some of us, that means Fall road trips! Whether you’re headed to the farm, mountains, or a cozy cabin, it’s always best to be prepared. When it comes to travel, I love list-making. It keeps me sane and organized. One of those lists is essentials to pack for the car ride. Here are some items I can’t travel without.

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Essentials to pack for your Fall road trip

Let’s begin with safety and hygenic essentials.

  • But first, the obvious– license, registration, car manual, a spare tire, cash, and a first aid kit. Before going on any road trip, always be sure to have things things handy.
  • Becuase we’re dealing with a pandemic– face masks, sanitizer and wipes. I really like these face masks by Copper. They’re copper infused, washable and have 4 layers. I also love these luxury wipes by Freshends. First, they come in small packets that are super convenient to throw into your purse, car; etc. Then, they smell amazing! They’re alcohol free and contain natural ingredients including Aloe, Vitamin E, Cucumber Extract, & Chamomile. And there are different wipes for different needs which is why they’re perfect for road trips (or travel in general). For example, hand sanitizing wipes, personal wipes (great for potty stops), makeup remover wipes and lens cleaning wipes- all of which you’ll surely need for travel.
  • Water to keep you hydrated– I love reusable water bottles like this Swell water bottle. Whenever we go on road trips, we pack one for each passenger (including the dog). And we keep a jug in the trunk. It’s so convenient and eco-friendly’ too.
Tote bags in the trunk are a must.

For tech and comfort.

  • Cozy things– hoodies, socks, pillows and blakets. We pack it all! I dream of one day owning an RV but for now, packing up the car will all the cozy comfy things will have to do. My daughter loves packing her comfy oversized hooded blanket which is especially cozy on a road trip.
  • Tech– don’t forget your phone chargers, laptop, switch- anything that requires a charger. The worse thing is being on a road trip and having to buy a new charger. They’re usually overpriced. I like to keep my chargers together in a case like this one. If you have a big family, this case holds much more.
  • For entertainment purposes- ipads are great but my daughter just loves old movies so we keep a DVD player in the car and let her pick some movies to pack for the ride. She also carries her Nintendo Switch, a journal with colored pencils, and some crafts.
  • For shoppingReusable tote bags. These always come in handy. At the farm, a market, winery; etc. We keep about 5 in the trunk and they are always used on trips.
  • For rainy days– Keeping ponchos and an umbrella in the car is always a good idea. You definitely don’t want to get caught in rain while traveling. I’ve linked ponchos on here but if you have a local dollar store, I’ve racked up on them for only $1 in the past.

Plenty of snacks.

Clean up.

  • Trash bags– You know those plastic bags you get from stores like Target or Walmart? Save them in the car. They always come in handy for cleanup time.
  • Paper Towel– This always comes in handy for us. It’s simply a must have. Messes, when napkins are nowhere to be found, human sweat, anything.
  • For funky smells– Febreeze the car, Lysol it, make sure you have an air freshner at least. Spending a lot of time in the car means you’re probably eating or sleeping in the car. And well, smells happen. So be prepared with the right stuff to combat funky smells.

Your Fall travels await!

I hope my list of essentials has inspired your Fall road trip packing. Remember to make your list and check it twice. And above all, have so much fun!

Safe travels!