Sustainable Living:  Tips for a  Greener Lifestyle

The future of this planet is in our hands. 

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Ditch the Plastic

Tip 1

Carry a reusable water bottle and utensils. Plastic (even recyclable) takes up time and space. The less used, the better.

Carry Reusable Bags

Tip 2

Plastic bags are harmful to the environment, especially in landfills and in the ocean, Carry reusable bags in your purse and in the ar.


Tip 3

This is a sustainable solution to creating rich garden soil out of leftovers or vegetable scraps. Save up your scraps and save the Earth.

Buy in bulk

Tip 4

You know those Costco trips? They're actually eco-friendly (buy greener brands and it's even more effective).

Travel Locally 

Tip 5

Travel locally by foot or on a bicycle. Use public transportation  when possible. Consider an eco-friendly car, too.