She’s at it again with the pom poms! Grab your glue gun, an old bag that needs some new life, some pom pom strings and follow along.
Pompom fashions have been a hot trend for some time now and it’s so easy to create your own. All you really need is to go out and buy the pom pom strings which we found at the dollar section of Target. You can also find them in a craft store. They are inexpensive, too. Just think of all the shopping $$$ you will be saving by doing it yourself!

In the video below, my mini fashionista will show you just how. This is a fun craft to do with your daughter at home. She chose a little clutch bag, but you can embellish anything from tops to jeans, vests, stationary, shoes and more. Simply use your imagination (or cheat and go on Pintrest).

Happy crafting!

*Did you create your own pom pom fashion? We’d love to see! Post below 🙂