Dior is launching BABY DIOR BEAUTÉ, the first beauty, bath, and skincare line for children. Grab your wallets, mamas and head over to JFK- where the collection will debut. It will be exclusive to the DIOR boutique in New York City at JFK, June 2024.

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c/o Dior

Bonne Étoile is a complete bath time line for children.

This Baby Dior collection is absolutely precious in pastels with beautiful packaging and whimsical accessories. It’s a must have for any nursery. The signature scent consists of delightful notes of subtle fruit, cotton wool and velvety petals, created by Francis Kurkdijian.

Baudelaire wrote that there can be “perfumes cool as children’s flesh.” I would be so bold as to paraphrase that by saying that for me, “there can be perfumes as beautiful as children’s laughter!” For Baby Dior, I wanted to create an cau de senteur for little ones that would be simple, like them. A child says “yes”, or it says “no,” “I like it,” or “I don’t like it.” The formula felt obvious to me, like an instinct, and a smile. I wanted to avoid the inevitable orange blossom that has always symbolized the smell of childhood in France, and instead look for a comforting scent in another formula: a pear, rosy and green, enlivened by eglantine that is wrapped in soft, cottony, protective muck notes. “Bonne toile” is like a creamy candy that melts in the mouth…..”

Francis Kurkdjian, Perfume Creation Director

Bonne Étoile is available in a collection of products that respect children’s skin, La Mousse très fondante, Le Lait tres tendre and L’tau tres fraiche have been designed to add a touch of magic to baby’s bath time.

The collection is beautifully dressed in a luminous toile de Jouy specially created for the occasion by Cordélia de Castellane, the pastel-coloured bottles portray an imaginary and phantasmagorical Granville garden, where delicately drawn animal scenes are enlivened by colourful hot air balloons. Baby Dior renews the challenge set by Christian Dior, to create the tender scent of childhood magic.

c/o Dior

The collection will debut at the DIOR boutique in New York City at the JFK airport in June 2024.

Cordélia de Castellane, Francis Kurkdijian c/o Dior

“Dior has always focused on the greatly prized era of childhood, which was celebrated by Christian Dior. Baby Dior, a line of clothing and objects for children, first appeared in 1987, and was soon accompanied by an eponymous eau de cologne. In 2012, when Cordélia de Castellane took up her post as Artistic Director for the Baby Dior Collection, she dreamed of a new Baby Dior fragrance. Francis Kurkdijian made it a reality with ‘Bonne Étoile’ an eau de senteur available as part of a complete skincare line for little ones. Today, in a natural continuation of this story dedicated to childhood, Baby Dior gains a whole new perfumed universe. The signature scent created by Francis is full of tenderness as a protective bubble of softness, and a delicate caress on the baby’s skin. The product collection respects children’s skin, and includes: La Mousse Très Fondante, Le Lait Très Tendre, and L’Eau Très Fraîche. Baby Dior renews the challenge set by Christian Dior to create the tender scent of childhood magic.”