asking has been a hot trend for some time now (thanks to Instagram sheet mask selfies) and it’s one of my favorite things to do when it comes to skincare. I’ve tried different sheet masks and while there are some I thought were ok, there are others I simply love. Not only do they tighten and tone your skin but they moisturize, add glow and help repair. It’s no wonder that sheet masks have been a craze in Asian markets. In this post, I’m sharing some of my favorite 5 sheet face masks you need to try.

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  1. Lotus Blossom Thirst Relief Sheet Mask – This mask is amazing. The first time I used it, I was left in awe. The results were fast. Plump, moisturized skin. These masks are soaked in an herbal concentrate that combines a potent Lotus extract with Hyaluronic Acid, this oil-free, luxurious face mask offers maximum hydration and revitalizes lifeless-looking skin, leaving a dewy and fresh appearance. $60 for 10
  2. MustaeV Mood Therapy Masks – Korean beauty is simply amazing. There is so much to explore- I mean they sell masks for every part of the body from head to foot! MustaeV is a great Korean beauty brand. I have had the pleasure of trying their products from brushes, makeup and recently- skincare. During NYFW, the brand masked their models to pre the skin before makeup application using their mood therapy masks. Each mask is unique and contain different ingredients to help with different needs. Try Sadness packed with vitamins to repair damage, anger to reduce stressed skin, pleasure to hydrate and joy to brighten and even tone. $3 each
  3. Organic Sea Kelp Facial Sheet Mask –This sheet mask is different from any I have tried. It’s made of 100% real sea kelp to drench your face in ultra hydration and nutrition for instantly glowing, clear skin. I was sent this mask to try it out and I absolutely loved the results. It is packed with moisture. To be percise, each sheet is drenched in a full bottle of fermented sea kelp and bamboo serum. This organic sheet mask adheres to the skin and comes in two pieces for a better fit. At first, I thought there was no way this mask would fit my small face but it was great. It covered every inch and more. This sheet mask has also been clinically tested for anti-aging, brightening, skin smoothing benefits and 72-hour hydration according to the website. And according to me, it truly works wonders on the skin! $14 each 
  4. Choosy Lip Gel Mask – Masks are not just for your face, they come in all shapes and sizes. Another new favorite of mine are lip masks. These are just perfect for winter. No, these in particular do not plump your pout too much BUT they hydrate and keep your lips healthy- especially during these cold winter months. I have a horrible habit of lip biting. It’s a nerve thing. I start thinking and before you know, I’m sporting the Angelina Jolie lip. And that’s no bueno, ladies. It hurts! I love these little lip masks because they really work and have a lasting effect for about one week after each use. I got mine from chinatown in the city for only $2, but you can also find them online at 5 for $10.
  5. SRecover 5 Days Black Charcoal Snail Facial Mask – I know, the name sounds weird and kind of gross. I mean snail? But hey, this stuff works and at least it’s not poop or something worse! Snail slime filtrate gets absorbed into the skin to invest vitality to the fatigued skin and maintains optimal oil and moisture balance. Far-infrared rays radiating from charcoal powder in black mask sheet and black complex components are effective in pore care. This is a great tightening mask that moisturizes, reduces pore size and plumps up those fine lines. The effect lasts for a few days, too. This kind of mask is perfect for skin prep before a special occasion. $8.99