As a woman, you know that sometimes you can feel like you don’t really know what you’re doing. Especially when it comes to managing your money. As a girl on the go- work, family, home life- it can get stressful. But leaving your finances to the side can be even more stressful. Your success can depend on your finances.
Let’s face it- we’re no longer college students worrying about papers and exams. The real world consists of work deadlines, bills, health insurance, home repairs and so much more. It can be overwhelming at times and it’s not something that school prepared you for.  To help you get your financial journey in the right direction, here is a great guide to managing your money and becoming financially independent!

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Set Goals

No matter where you’re starting from, creating a list of goals is always a good idea. When you write down a list of tasks to stick to, you’re more likely to follow them, compared to remembering a to-do list in your head. To keep this list organized and well-accessible, invest in a money journal or budget book- or create a spreadsheet. Your expenses, income, saving goals and an extra spending plan can all be written down as a reference.

Always Spend Less Than You Earn

Payday is the best day for the working girl – there is no better feeling than when your checking account is reloaded. With this financial confidence boost comes the sudden urge to splurge, which can take a toll on your budget. Instead of spending money on things you don’t necessarily need, save as much as you can. That way, when you receive your following paycheck, you’ll have more money to use towards something greater – like traveling to a new place!

Shop Smart

I know…that pumpkin spice latte and avocado toast sounds like a perfect start to your day, but when you’re budgeting, those extra few bucks on a small coffee and snack must be avoided – no matter how tempting. In the world of money management, finding healthy but affordable food options at a low prices is essential for making your paycheck stretch further. Prepare coffee and food at home. You will save time and money this way. Treat yourself on occasion, not on a daily basis. It also helps to figure out what you’re going to purchase at the grocery store ahead of time by using a list and sticking to it. When you go to pay for your items, you’ll be able to estimate the cost so the amount of money you’re spending isn’t a devastating surprise.

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Know Where Your Money Is Going

Bills, loans, and other required monthly payments or subscriptions are bound to sweep through your bank account. It’s even worse when you look at a bank statement and wonder, “Where the heck did all my money go?” or “I’m actually paying that much for this?” To avoid these thoughts, study your current payment plans to determine how much you’re actually spending every month. If reducing your college debt payment could bring you less financial stress, consider refinancing your student loans to save yourself money. Or, if your cell phone bill is set to pay for unlimited data, define your data usage with your provider to see if your monthly payment can be switched to a cheaper plan.

Open a Savings Account

Before paying for your required monthly payments, always pay yourself first. Opening a savings account may seem like a daunting task, but it is a very helpful contribution to your future financial success. With some accounts, the money cannot be touched for a certain amount of time. This money will come in handy down the road when you are looking to invest in something like a car, house, business, or wedding.