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Not exactly ready to go full EV? Alfa Romeo gets it with the Tonale Veloce EAWD, a plug-in hybrid that’s fun, fast and eco-friendly. Everything from this car’s sporty-semi luxe design to the sound system, interior and drive modes makes driving more fun.

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The Tonale is not a sports car but it sure feels like one.

Sports cars are fun but they sure aren’t comfortable or practical. So when a brand throws in some fun sporty features into an SUV, it’s a game changer. The first thing that I noticed was how powerful the engine was. The Tonale provides a smooth ride but it’s also a strong one which made it a lot of fun to drive. The SUV crossover has 3 drive modes which you control from a dial. DNA- Dynamic/Natural/Advanced Efficiency.

You can opt for a premium leather interior but the Alcantara is really nice.

If I were buying the Tonale, I would certainly go for the Alcantara option. Not only is it unique but it stands out. The red stitching compliments the exterior Rosso (red) color and gives it a sporty look. The embroidered logos on the headrest are the icing on the cake.

Tonale Veloce

Who’s the Tonale for?

My ladies who love sporty features but prefer to drive a small SUV and not ready to go full EV. This is a great car for girls who like a sporty feel and like to have fun while they’re in drive mode.

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Here’s what I loved about the Alfa Romeo Tonale

  • It’s a plug-in hybrid. Perfect if you’re not entirely ready to go full EV
  • Excellent performance and handling
  • Sporty but elegant design
  • Alfa Rosso (red) color
  • 19-inch 8.0 inch diamond cut 5 hole with signature red Alfa Romeo logo design
  • Good amount of trunk space for a smaller suv
  • Standard AWD
  • Heated and ventilated seats
  • Sporty style design with fun racing features on a small SUV
  • Alcantarra with red stitching makes the interior look extra sporty
  • Harman Kardon speaker system
  • V Scudetto Grille- this newly evolved design features a “floating” shield that stands out alongside a collection of modern exterior elements that nod to Alfa Romeo and its future.
The Tonale’s rotary dial pattern is so unique and sporty.


The Alfa Romeo Tonale Veloce I tested is packed with features. I’ve listed some below but I’ve also included the monroney at the bottom of this post for more details.

  • Gas/ Electric- 29/29/29 mpg Gas/ 77/77/77 mpg on Electric
  • 0-60 in 5.7 seconds
  • Engine- 1.3L 14 Turbo PHEV
  • Torque- 199 lb-ft @ 1,850 rpm (gas)/ 37+184 lb-ft (electric) /347 lb-ft (combined)
  • 12.3 driver info display / 10 inch infotainment screen
  • Seats 5
  • 3 Drive modes- DNA dial- Dynamic/ Natural/Advanced Efficiency
  • 6-speed automatic
  • Cargo space- 22.9 ft³/ 50.5 ft³ with seats down
  • Base Price: $49,090 Model Tested: $52,790

The 2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale Veloce EAWD is a highly anticipated addition to the Alfa Romeo lineup.

With its sleek design, advanced technology, and powerful performance, it is sure to be a standout in the compact SUV market.

Thanks for stopping by to learn about my experience with the Tonale. Follow along for more car reviews!

xo Lillie