If you love Christmas Tree Shops, you will have a ball at their new store, “andThat!” which just opened in Woodland Park, NJ. I was invited to visit last week and it’s really a great store. andThat!™ carries many items including food, seasonal items, home decor, local products, beauty and hygiene products, and much more. The store really lives up to its name, too. Trust me, you will be grabbing this, this, and that and tossing it into your cart!

So many fun finds!

For media night, the store had a fun scavenger hunt. If you caught my Instagram stories, you got a glimpse of what it’s like. But here’s an example from my stories just in case.

These candles are locally made (in NJ) and they smell ahh-mazing by the way!
Here’s a fall flat lay I created using in-store items

Shopping is my cardio

I had a fun relaxing evening browsing the aisles of andThat! There is so much to see. I especially loved all of the home accents and decor- and the beauty aisles, of course! Later on that night, I was super surprised to learn that I had won a prize from the scavenger hunt- a Keurig! The funny thing is that I’ve never owned one. My kitchen needs to be gutted so I was putting it off but it was so nice to win the Keurig and my daughter was super excited to have hot cocoa from it.

Isn’t this settee gorgeous?!!

I’ll take two of those and three of these!

I have always loved shopping at the Christmas Tree Shops so I was excited to check out andThat! The prices are great and there are so many great finds, too.

Christmas Tree Shops and andThat! President Todd Johnson explains, “As Christmas Tree Shops grew beyond its New England birthplace and opened in new markets, we didn’t want new communities to assume we’re only about holiday tinsel and ornaments. In 2012, to make the shopping experience easier and more inviting, we opened locations called andThat!, and added andThat! to some of our Christmas Tree Shops because it captures the thoughts of a shopper walking through the aisles of our store. It plays on a shopper’s discovery of the huge and eclectic variety of merchandise as they think: ‘I want this. And that. And that. andThat!.”

The Woodland Park location is the first store in the chain to open under the name andThat! by Christmas Tree Shops. Have you visited yet?!

*andThat! is located at 1728 US 46 in Woodland Park, NJ.