Do you ever stare at your closet full of clothes and scream, “I have nothing to wear!!!” If you’re like most women, chances are you have experienced this dreadful moment plenty of times. Most women spend over $3,000 per year in shopping and do not wear half of what they buy. But if you learn to shop your own closet, you can uncover many of it’s hidden treasures and figure out what the real problems are when facing the nothing to wear moment.


A close friend of mine was caught in what she felt was a fashion crisis and asked me to come over and help her put some outfits together for a trip overseas. According to her, the biggest issue was that she bought pieces that she loved in stores but when she brought them home they did not go with anything she already had. And I’m sure you have experienced this as well- you know those garments you still have hanging in your closet after a year- because you had nothing to pair with them?

I gladly went to her aid because what kind of fashionista friend who I be if I hadn’t? Karly began to show me  the outfits she had put together for her trip but she didn’t seem too thrilled about a couple of them. Then she threw her hands up in dispair and befroe we knew, there were bunch of clothes on her bed!


Karly is a student going for her Masters but also has days where she has to dress professionally for her internship. She is also a young married woman who enjoys dining, dancing and traveling with her hubby. She wants to dress age apropriate but still be stylish and sexy at the same time.


The first thing I asked her to do was get a bag. Aside from picking outfits for her trip we saw an even bigger problem- Karly owned many clothes that she didn’t wear or did not fit her well. We had to weed out the bad pieces and pair the good ones. We went through her drawers and closet and filled up the give away bag. After that process, we could see more clearly what worked and what didn’t.


I noticed she had many repeat styles and no key versatile pieces. But we did find some hidden gems (leather tops and skirts!). Karly showed me a lot of skirts and dresses that she liked in her closet but didn’t know how to wear. I had her try them on to see what we could pair which was when I realized she was in need of some basics to make these looks come together.


Just the same as you look through your fridge before going to the supermaerke, you should also do this with your closet. Look through and see what you really need to add to your wardrobe so you do’t make the mistake of buying things you can’t style. We came up with a list of items Karly needed to add to her wardrobe to make her other pieces work. Mostly basic things, but if you don’t have these in your own wardrobe, you may want to add them and see how much more mixing and matching you can do once added.

  • Chambray top- wear with skirts, layer under sweaters, dresses; etc.
  • Button down tops in solid colors like black and white
  • Pumps- nude & black
  • Statement necklaces- clustered pearls, black stones, crystal clear designs are versatile and can be paired with many looks.
  • Clutch bags- a versatile pattern or color to match many looks.
  • Black cardigan- to layer over her many loose sleeveless tops
  • Faux fur vest- to layer for winter looks.

Here’s a visual board to give you a better idea:

work basics


After a few hours, Karly felt so relieved and happy! She was able to get rid of clothing she didn’t use, learned to pair what she had and felt great about her shopping list. And I was happy to help a friend in fashion need 🙂
Here are 5 looks I put togehter from what she already had!
photo (6) image (14) image (15) image (16) image (17)
Look #1– This is a Fall look for sure. A navy and red Plaid Ralph Lauren ruffle top, a navy skirt and a red belt to accent the look. Add a neutral boot (and tights on colder days) and you’re good to go!
Look #2– Black on black- but I did remind Karly to add some gold accessories here. This leather top is by BCBG with high waisted black skinny pants and black booties. Perfect for cocktails!
Look #3– Here’s another leather top. This one is by Calvin Klein. This edgy piece goes perfect with this feminie skirt Karly loved but didn’t know what to pair with. Add her favortie black booties and this is the  perfect look for your holiday party outfit.
Look #4– Oversized sweater and a flared skirt. Add a shiny clutch and a nude pump. Need I say more?
Look #5- Lace boho top, wedges and denim shorts. Perfect for Karly’s trip where it will be about 90 degrees daily. The sheer material is breezy and light and the wedges still give her that sexy lift to accentuacte her legs.
We paired a few other looks not pictured here but I hope this gives you an idea of how to shop your closet and re-vamp your wardrobe. So, the next time you find yourself in that heated NOTHING to wear moment, just remember thse simple steps and find your way to stress free style.
Happy Shopping! xoxo