Friday, September 5th- A beautiful collection of designer brand A MOI was presented during New York Fashion Week at the Highline HotelFor the spring 2015 Collection, À MOI designer, Alejandra (Alex) Alonso is inspired by her ancestral past. Alonso reflects on her richly textured lineage, as seen through a kaleidoscope of family stories and events, thus naming this season’s collection Reflections.

“The creative intention this season is constructed to reflect the many layers of growing up within a landscape of rich, European, traditions and transforming them in an abstract and subjective way” says Alonso. “My collection is about rejecting the conventional and creating new realities.”

With a summer tradition of family getaways in Biarritz, this spring’s palette references the sophistication of the majestic French landscape, combining the coastal colors of cool white, blue and navy, and naturally contrasting them with the mystical hues of the regional sunsets.

Going alongside Alonso’s overarching Reflections theme, iridescent tones are contrasted with neutral undertones, in combination with strong shades of blue ranging from powder blue to a luxurious navy satin. Texture and hues are furthermore amplified by the exquisite use of crisp organza and soft Italian cotton.

“Growing up in Spain, Biarritz was one of my favorite neighboring towns, and so I pulled many of my palette choices from the seaside town’s natural beauty,” explained Alonso. “The iridescent oil slick leather seen throughout my collection really plays on the Reflections theme, lends its mirrored light to my color scheme, and reminds me of the fish scales seen in the Biarritz waters.” 

 Launched in 2013, À MOI is a luxury women’s ready-to-wear and accessories brand that embodies femininity and experimentation with an artisanal edge. For more information on À MOI, visit  

My thoughts on the presentation: The presentation was very beautiful. The collection was very vintage inspired but with a modern twist. I loved the colors, textures, and cuts of the clothing. I got a 20’s vibe, very “Gatsby” style. I loved everything about the collection. It was feminine but sporty- pieces you can move in and still feel ladylike. Definitely looks I can see myself sporting. I look forward to Spring! (see my IG coverage here)

See the looks below:


Styling by: Martha Violante
Make-up by: Aveda
Hair by: Aveda
Hair Care Product: Aveda
Nails by: Spanail