I live in New Jersey and though my part may not get as much as others, I have never seen so much snow. Ever. Almost every week if not snow, ice or insanely low temperatures. There is a good amount of maybe six to ten inches on the ground. And just when it began to melt, another snow storm. As you can imagine, I am sick of it. Even my 9 year old is “so over the snow” as she puts it. The snow has damaged my car, my front steps, brings salt into my house, and because there is so much- I have to get into my car through the passengers side! Snow stinks and it has truly overstayed it’s welcome.

Now that I’m done ranting, I can tell you what this post is about. Basically, to lift my spirits, I thought creating a board of what I would pack to get away from this ice palace would be fun. I’ve been looking at pictures of tropical views and looking back at outfit posts from last summer. Forget spring, I am dreaming of summer.

To begin, you will need a nice little luggage. I prefer one with wheels you can roll through the airport. Some comfy shoes for getting around easy. I like flats like the ones pictured below. They’re great for when you get to security. You just slip them on and off. It’s always best to travel light so bag check and security can be faster and less of a hassle.

I call this the jet set look. I always travel with a scarf and sunnies. It gets cold on planes and you want to protect your neck especially to prevent from catching a cold. And sunnies conceal your tired eyes, of course. I am not a fan of flying, so I tend to not sleep before a flight so that I can fall asleep on the flight. So, make up isn’t really worth putting on. I go with a good brow and some lipgloss (one that moisturizes). For spring, a trench is perfect but depending on where you’re headed, I’d maybe pack a warm hooded sweatshirt you can layer underneath.

For this look, I went with a simple striped tee and boyfriend jeans. The beanie is great to keep warm, too. This is a casual comfy look but still stylish.¬†For the flight, I like to pack gum for take off, some good headphones, magazines and a good book. And a watch to make sure I’m on time for my flight.


Jet Set Go!


If I could choose a destination right now, I would go for the Bahamas. And this is most likely all I would pack. (Not true! At least a few more things! haha) I imagine laying out all day on a beach sipping on pina coladas and listening to island tunes and the waves of the ocean. Nothing else.

I love this swimsuit from TopShop. It has a retro style and is flattering at the waist. I added a floral lace cover up and an oversized hat for laying low. The bag and flip flops have polka dots and stripes. I love mixing patterns. Everything in this combination gives off a retro feel. And we mustn’t forget the SPF- lip balm and sunblock are essentials when on vacation.

Weekend Getaway


Going away soon? What are your favorite things to pack?