We’re all going through it. Out of focus, out of ideas. Lack of sleep, lack of motivation. You are not alone. So many of my content creator friends have reached out to me for blog post ideas so I thought, why not make a list?

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Let’s Brainstorm

If you’re a lifestyle blogger or content creator, keep reading. I’ve compiled a list of ideas that cover lifestyle related topics. If you’re looking for niche specific ideas, you probably won’t find that here…but check it out anyway. You never know, sometimes other ideas draw inspiration 😉

Lifestyle Blog Posts: 25 Topic Ideas

  1. Favorite Podcasts to listen to
  2. Road trip checklist
  3. Road trip safety tips
  4. 10 IG accounts you love to follow
  5. 10 YouTube channels you love to watch
  6. Travel guides (to places you’ve been to)
  7. Back to School must haves list
  8. Favorite skincare product roundup
  9. Favorite makeup product roundup
  10. House cleaning hacks
  11. Cleaning tips for the car
  12. Seasonal reading lists- what books you’re reading
  13. A favorite recipe (or a few)
  14. Your favorite Etsy shops and items you’ve purchased
  15. Your daily workout routine
  16. Ways to de-stress
  17. How to style something in 5-10 ways
  18. The season’s upcoming trends to watch out for
  19. Dog training hacks or tips
  20. Money management tips
  21. Style an outdoor dinner at home (tutorial)
  22. Home decor DIYs or ideas
  23. Organization tips (you can do a series per room)
  24. Closet makeover
  25. An about you post- a list of 25 things your readers may not know about you… or a Q & A post answering their questions from a poll you conduct!

I love coming up with new ideas for lifestyle blog posts. Not only are they helpful and informative but as a blogger, you can always repurpose and repost later on when you need to. You can update and upcycle. These types of lifestyle blog posts are considered “evergreen” stories. Remember to give your readers good, inspiring information so that they can try out your suggestions and give you feedback. The best feeling is when a reader reaches out to thank you for your suggestions!

I hope these lifestyle blog post ideas have inspired to get you to create fresh new content. Let me know if you use any of these ideas, I’d love to see!