Just last week, Neiman Marcus at the Short Hills Mall had an in-store event. Get made up, have your portrait done by fashion illustrator Jennifer Lilya, and shop the holiday collection.
I first found out about the event through Lilya’s Facebook page and then I was invited to an event at NM that same day- I put two and two together and figured out I was going there anyway. I had been following Lilya’s page for quite some time and introduced it to my little fashionista artist at home. My mini immediately fell in love with this artist’s work. We even signed up for a class she is teaching on skillshare.com. Since only 3 years old, this child has repeatedly told me she wants to be a designer when she grows up. So I had to take her when I found out Lilya was coming to our area.

Meeting Fashion Illustrator Jennifer Lilya

She was so excited to see Lilya sketch in person. When she finally met her, they chatted about fashion school and their chihuahuas! Liana went home with a lovely sketch of herself (I got one too!) and couldn’t stop talking about her experience.
Being around this industry allows me to introduce Liana to many designers and artists. Though I can’t always bring her along when I do it’s always a special time we share. She absolutely has a love for art and fashion and I love that we can share those interests 🙂

Liana sitting for her sketch
Fashion Illustrator, Jennifer Lilya in action!
A closer look at Lilya’s table (and Liana admiring her card which showcases the artist’s very own illustration!)
Liana with Jennifer Lilya
Ta-da! It’s Liana as one of Lilya’s sketch models 🙂

*Special thanks to Jennifer Lilya for the sketches – and for being so sweet! xo