I was recently offered the opportunity to review some hair products I had heard about but never tried out. While I don’t agree to reviewing everything that comes my way, I was excited about these. I have had good experience with these brands in the past, so I was looking forward to trying them out.


What girl doesn’t love a good curling rod? If you love curls, you know how hard it is to find a GOOD iron. Some do nothing at all and some get too hot and even burn your hair. But I assure you, this will be on your wishlist this year.

The Paul Mitchell Neuro Styling Cone is just great. The iron itself heats up rapidly (within seconds!). As soon as I plugged it on the ON/OFF button is easy to use. You can adjust the temperature but I left it on the automatic temperature which is about 360 degrees. When testing out a new iron, I always suggest starting out with the auto or lowest setting to get to know the heat settings.

The Neuro Unclipped Styling Cone is 1.25 and is quite long but not too long where it makes it uncomfortale to hold. I really love the length because if you have long hair (or extensions), this rod is awesome to use. It does have some weight to it compared to ceramic rods I have used.

image (27)


A little glove comes with the iron to protect your finger tips. I’m guessing the main fingers you should use are the thumb, index and middle because the rest is uncovered. The glove is a little bulky but it is easy to use. The iron gets very hot (up to 450) so you want to be careful.

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When I began to use the iron I noticed that as I wrapped the ends of my hair around the rod, it stayed on and gently glided off. My hair curled within seconds! That was the definite “wow” factor for me. I’ve used other curling rods before but this was different so I must say I am quite impressed so far.

Price Range: $$ The Paul Mitchell Neuro Styling Cone was originaly going for about $90 but I just saw a sale for only $65! Not sure how long that will last but it’s a pretty good deal 🙂

Product Description:

Perfect for natural-looking curls. 1.25in clipless premium IsoTherm titanium styling cone (tapers to .75in). Adjustable temperature control. Heats up to 450F in seconds. SmartSense microchip for lightning-fast heat recovery. Customizable auto shut-off. Extra-long barrel ideal for long hair. 9-foot swivel cord with hanging loop. Dual voltage for worldwide use.

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The Result:

Natural looking, soft (wavy) curls. They lasted all day and yes I am wearing extensions but the rod equally curled both hair the same. It was gentle on the extensions as well.

Would I recommend this product? Yes, definitely.

image (29)

Products I used: 


Sebastian Whipped Creme– this stuff is amazing! Leaves your hair light, bouncy and soft. And smells sooo good!

I applied it onto my damp hair, let it dry and later styled it with the curling rod.


Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Harder– This hairspray is not sticky and doesn’t weigh down your hair. I added a touch of this to maintain my curls afterward. It gives you good hold and it’s great for teasing your roots, too.

Thanks to goodlookingdiscounts.com for these wonderful products.