As if removing New York Fashion Week from Bryant Park wasn’t hard enough- it now seems it will also be removed from Lincoln Center. According to New York court documents, the Lincoln Center will not renew their¬†agreement with IMG Fashion which could mean no more fashion week there. Plans are to showcase the almost month long event at a new location, the Culture Shed at Hudson Yards. The only issue there is that the location is not set to open for another three or four years.

So, what’s the fate of New York Fashion week? The last couple of years, I will admit I noticed less designers showing at the Lincoln Center and opting for spaces like MILK studios or within the Meat packing district. Less celebrities have been attending the shows at the Lincoln Center and the whole event kind of just lost it’s touch. Sure the crazies that show up in ridiculous get ups outside the center can be entertaining but honestly, it’s not what it used to be. So, if the rumors are true it may be a good thing. New location, new begining. I guess we’ll find out in the fall!


PC: Ricky Lugo