As the year closes out, everyone goes on a craze to organize, set goals, and create vision boards. I never make New Year’s resolutions mainly because they’re often broken within a matter of weeks. Instead, I like to sit back and think about what I learned from the year and what I could do to improve in the new year. For me, 2018 was full of surprises, opportunities and learning situations. There were great moments and not so great ones, too. Here’s what I learned from 2018.NYE look

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Things I learned from 2018

  • Let it be- like the Beetles sang, I learned it’s best to let things be and they will fall into place. There’s no sense in worrying, arguing or forcing things to happen. Sometimes, you have to let a higher power take the reins and have faith things will all work out. I’ve learned to think this way more often and it seriously works. For example, I used to worry and get nervous about pitching myself to brands. Now, I simply pitch and think to myself, “Que sera, sera” (whatever will be, will be). And guess what, I’ve gotten many yes answers lately.
  • Never speak negatively about yourself- Maybe I listened to quite a few self-help and empowerment audiobooks this year but I find this to be very true and I have been teaching it to my daughter, too. Never ever make a mistake and say “I’m so dumb” or stuff like “I hate my life.” Those are negative phrases and if you repeat them enough, not only will you believe them but so will others. Instead, speak positivity into your life! Find the bright side to things and you will notice a shift in the energy around you. You may be tired in the morning from a long night of work- instead of announcing how tired you are, say that you can’t wait to have some fresh coffee. Take a few deep breaths, find a mantra- “I can do this” or even words like “breathe.” Feel that energy shift.
  • Wake the F up! I literally say this to myself every morning. It’s no secret, I am NOT a morning person but being that I’m a mom, I have no choice but to wake up early. One thing I’ve read about successful people is that they wake up early and get **it done. So, instead of hitting snooze three or four times, I’ve been forcing myself to get up and get things done on time instead of rushing. It’s a struggle, but it’s worth it. One of my goals for the new year is to get up earlier on the weekends so that I can be more productive with this blog- shoot some looks, see more places; etc.
  • Say “yes” less. They say Scorpios are among the most loyal of friends and that could explain the reason for me not usually saying no to a friend’s plans or birthdays; etc. However, it’s disappointing when people do this to me. So, this year I have felt less guilty about saying no to people. I work a lot and truthfully the little free time I do have, I should reserve for those closest to me. Or me time. I refuse to overwhelm myself anymore. I used to get invited to things and even after a tiring day at work, I would dress up and show up. I’d do favors and when I’d ask for one, I didn’t always get the same treatment. Friends come and go but in the end, the most important people in my life are my family. Of course, I still have close friends but they’re the type of gems you don’t need to feel pressured to see when you really can’t.
  • Declutter- My mom always loves to say “less is best.” And I usually roll my eyes but it’s true in a way. Clutter does no one any good. At the start of 2018, I had a newly done glam room (closet/beauty room). It was great. Everything was organized and on display but I still felt like I had too much stuff. As the year went by, I began to purge every couple of months. I got rid of things I wasn’t using or didn’t need. Some I donated, some I sold. I once heard Oprah say “if you don’t use something for one year, toss it.” Or something like that. I’ve learned to do this with my closet and my daughter’s, too. I’ve also purged every other room in the house at least twice a year now.

Fear LESS, Live Fully

  • Fear, less- If 2018 has taught me anything it’s to fear LESS. I jumped at more opportunities, asked more questions, and traveled alone. I took a cruise (which I always feared doing) and hit 120 on a racetrack. Growing up Latina, I was raised to fear just about everything. So, these things were pretty big for me.

                                       tulle dress jeans Tulle Dress: Mandee
Mock Neck top: Forever21
Jeans: Mandee
Boots: Jessica Simpson
Coat: Calvin Klein

  • Live life FULLY- Life is too short. We all know this too well. This year, we lost a few friends along the way. Goodbyes are always sad but I know they are a part of life. What I did take from these goodbyes are that life is too short and you need to live each day as if it were your last, not care what anyone thinks, do it with passion and fight the fight. There are times where I feel like giving up and then I remember these warriors…
  • Read more- I have always loved to read. Reading is learning and it also teaches you to write better. I love audiobooks because I can listen on the road or while I’m editing my work but I also love to stop and read a good article or book if possible. This year, I made sure to pick up magazines and take short breaks to read with a good cup of tea. It’s super important to keep those wheels turning and reading is a great exercise for that.
  • Spend less- I like nice things and I cannot lie. But I learned a long time ago to only invest in classic pieces and spend less on things like trends. This year, I forced myself to spend even less in order to reach certain goals like upgrading my camera equipment (which was a big investment). I also paid off a lot of small bills I had and cut down costs like buying coffee outside and making it at home instead. Or making my own smoothies and lunch at home. Doing these things will save you money. Money that can be saved toward a trip or maybe an investment you may be putting off. I will definitely be taking these practices with me into the new year (especially since I’m saving for my next trip 😉
  • Be on time- ok, this one is tough for me. I am always 5 minutes late for almost everything. This year, I forced myself to leave the house half an hour early than usual. Since I work from home, I don’t need to be physically on time anywhere but this did help me when I had meetings, outside jobs; etc. Hey, I always say “fashionably late” or “better late than never” but there are folk who claim that “the early bird gets the worm.”

NYE look

Here’s to a successful, happy, and healthy New Year!

2018 taught me quite a bit. If you can’t learn from life lessons, you’re clearly not paying attention, darling. Life is about learning and growing. After all, you can’t have rainbows without a little rain, right? (I think Dolly Parton said that one!) I hope you liked reading about my life lessons and can learn from them, too.

I’d like to take a moment to thank you for reading and supporting this little blog of mine. This year has brought me so many blessings with new experiences and opportunities- and my readers and followers are such a huge part of that. I look forward to a new year of fresh new content and more exciting opportunities. Wishing you all an amazing, successful, happy and healthy 2019!!!