If you’re like every other busy girl on the go, I’m sure your health tends to pay the price at some point. Too much caffeine, sugar, carbs, little exercise, and little sleep just to name a few. Do these sound like your healthy lifestyle habits? Keep it going until you burn out. No bueno, my friends. Trust me, you’ll end up with ulcers, hair loss, and a nice panic attack. And really, who wants that?

Sometimes you just have to slow down.

When I feel like I’m overusing my energy, I curb myself now and remember to slow down (for my own health, of course). Using up less than ten minutes of my day, I’ve been able to add a few things to my daily routine to help me keep going.

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healthy lifestyle habits
Meditation can help improve concentration, boosts the immune system and increases self-awareness!

Here are 10 tips for healthy lifestyle habits (I personally use).

  1. Stretch Daily. Don’t just get out of bed. Be sure to stretch everything from your head to your toes. Try some shoulder rolls, reach for the sky, toe touches and arch your back. I find this helps relieve any tension and wakes up my body.
  2. Drink Water.  I drink a glass of room-temperature water every morning (and half a glass before bed). This helps flush out any toxins and also helps boost metabolism.
  3. Give Warm Hugs! One of my favorite things to do in the morning is give my little girl a big hug. Then I make sure she stretches, give her a mini shoulder rub and send her off to wash up. Daddy gets a hug, too. And sometimes we group hug- even the dog joins! It’s sort of just become a habit in our house. Hugs are known to be one of the BEST ways to relieve stress and heal illness, depression, and anxiety.
  4. Walk it off. I love taking walks. In fact, I wish I could do it more often. It’s not only good for the heart but also for the mind. For me personally, I find walking helps me clear my mind. I love looking at the trees and just taking in nature. My little chihuahua loves walks, too. And if you have a fur baby that gives you twice the benefits because walking a pet is also known to prolong and improve the quality of life.
  5. Meditate. Whether you pray, meditate, or just enjoy some quiet time, these things are good for the soul. I try to take a moment every day to thank my God for all the blessings in my life. I also ask for guidance in the things I am trying to focus on for the day and protection from anything that can stop me. Some days, when I am feeling overwhelmed, I just close my eyes and breathe. It’s really whatever works for you.
  6. Get to Snackin’ Snacks are a must for a busy schedule but don’t confuse a good healthy snack with junk food. Donuts, chips, and soda are NOT snacks. Opt for healthier choices like grapes, almonds, baby carrots, or celery. The difference between these types of snacks is that they contain vitamins and minerals. Not into that? Try some yogurt or nutritional bars.
  7. Floss those Pearly Whites! So when my hygienist stresses the importance of flossing, it’s definitely for a reason. Healthy gums promote a healthier life. Uncared for gums can cause bacteria to spread into your body which can later cause major issues like heart disease.
  8. Take DailyVitamins. Everyone needs vitamins. Unless you eat every required food from the food pyramid, you are not excused. I take a gummy multivitamin that’s specifically made for women plus I also take vitamin D and B12 on top of that. Let’s face it, we’re not getting any younger and as we age, we need stronger bones, immune systems, and more.
  9. Make more Time. Wake up a little earlier (think 5-10 minutes). Instead of taking the coffee to go, sit down and enjoy it. Take those extra minutes to sit down for breakfast with the family or step outside for fresh air. Turn on the radio and dance! Whatever it is you would enjoy doing for an extra five minutes, do it. You start the day feeling so much better.
  10. Catch those Z’s. I have a terrible habit of going to bed late. The hubby often steps into my home office to remind me of the time. He reminds me of a cuckoo clock. ha! He does it for my own good though. I used to get annoyed and shoo him away and stay up until 3 am working to then wake up feeling so tired the next day and functioning with less energy than a zombie. So, now when he comes in. I take a deep breath and say “ok, I’m done for tonight,” and then I get ready for bed. Sometimes, there’s even time to catch a show. I find I feel more relaxed and wake up with more ease the next day. So, make sure you catch those z’s, because well, you need them.

What do you do to help stay healthy?

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