I love anything that involves hands-on art and crafting. And even more when it gives back. When ArtsBot reached out to me, I immediately checked them out to see what they were about and I absolutely loved the concept.

ArtsBot is a kit that keeps giving

ArtsBot offers children activity kits to keep them busy and give those tech devices a break. Each kit offers hours of creative hands-on fun. The kits encourage recycling and include information about other cultures which is nice. They also do not include sharp objects or scissors which makes the kits perfect for travel (TSA compliant).

Arm Candy Kit

The kit we received is the Arm Candy kit. My daughter is an avid crafter and just loved this kit. According to her, it included all the right stuff to do lots of crafts.

Here’s what came inside the kit:

  • Wood and plastic bangles
  • Leather snap bracelet
  • Yarn
  • Wood beads
  • Wood buttons
  • Washi tape
  • Glue dots
  • Plastic needle
  • Non-toxic markers
  • ArtsBot pen
  • ArtsBot sketchbook
  • ArtsBot stickers
  • ArtsBot postcard
  • Project tutorial

We also liked the fact that the kit came with a cute canvas bag to carry everything in. And you can also color it! 

History + Art

My daughter also enjoyed reading about the history of bangles which were discovered by the women of South Asia. She loves history and science and the pamphlet covered both. Wood being a renewable natural resource was also a topic of interest to her.


If your child has allergies, ArtsBot has got you covered.

  • Does not contain Latex
  • Does not contain Dairy & Casein
  • Does not contain Egg
  • Does not contain Gluten
  • Does not contain Peanut & Tree Nut
  • Does not contain Soy

Art for children in need

ArtsBot also gives back to less fortunate children- if you submit a photo of your child using the ArtsBot kit along with #botheart, ArtsBot will donate an art kit to a child in need. For more info, visit: theartsbot.com

See our unboxing video here: