This past weekend, we were spoiled by a warm sunny day. It was the perfect day to head into the city or even go for a hike but then I remembered the Thomas Edison National Historical Park and thought, why not? It’s always great to explore right at home and for me, north Jersey is home. So we paid a visit to Thomas Edison’s Historic home for the day.

My daughter absolutely loves history and science. And this place was definitely a hit with her. She was fascinated by all of the historical artifacts. You can tour Thomas Edison’s historic home within two hours. It’s a fun outing and really doesn’t take your whole day, so there is time for more exploring. The historic park is located in West Orange, New Jersey, and has Edison’s home, library, labs, woodshop, even a rotating cinema.

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Thomas Edison’s Historic home is both fun and educational

Thomas Edison National Historical Park¬†is not only a fun outing for both families and history buffs, but it’s also very educational. It’s like going back in time to where so much history began. Edison’s inventions brought us so many things like the phonograph, the radio, film, lighting and so much more. There is even a talking doll Edison created which you can see and learn about there. I have to say, my kid was a little creeped out by her but can you blame her? The doll is from another time and Edison was surely ahead of his time.

Visit Edison’s home

I don’t want to spoil it for you in case you get to pay a visit, but there is much to explore and appreciate. It’s a family-friendly place where you can walk around and explore the property. There are¬†activities for kids, too. Admission is only $10 per adult and children are free. Parking is also free, right across the street. I suggest visiting on a Sunday since it was a nice small crowd and it’s open until 4 pm.