Is it already September? How time flies! It still feels like the longest month of March (if that makes sense). And that means- back to school. Yikes! I really feel for you mamas out there doing the virtual learning thing. (Actual homeschool is so different- if you want info on that read this blogpost.) But let’s get down to it- here’s my list of 7 things moms need to survive distance learning. Speaking from experience.

*There are some affiliate links in this post. Hey, a girl’s gotta eat 😉

7 Things Moms Need to Survive Distance Learning
  • A Good Meditation App– I really like the app, Bloom. At the start of quarantine, the brand reached out to me to try it out and I ended up loving it. It’s like having a therapist in your pocket. The sessions are short and challenge you to think about your feelings, write them down and practice breathing.
  • Herbal Tea– I suffer from anxiety and because of that, I have to be careful with my caffeine intake. I notice that when I drink coffee, I feel extra nervous so I only drink small “shots” when I am really in the mood for it. Otherwise, I’ve learned to love calming teas like Ginger Lemon, Peppermint, or Chamomile.
  • A Face Mask Supply– Whenever I need a break, I like to lay down, take deep breaths and put on a face sheet mask. It forces me to stay laying down for at least 15 minutes and is a nice pick me up for my skin. I keep a few in my skincare mini fridge
  • A Planner– My favorite planner right now has to be the Happiness Planner App. I use it on both my ipad and phone. I’m the kind of girl that buys a planner every year and actually uses it. But 2020 has been…er, different? This year, I got a stylus for my iPad and when I found the app, I downloaded it and ended up really loving it. It’s got quotes, resources, notes and more. Definitely worth looking into. (this mention was not sponsored by the way) And if you prefer to jot it down (which I still keep fun notebooks for), a pretty one will do- something you love. Though I wouldn’t suggest splurging on one this year.
  • Chocolate- There are the wine moms and there are the chocolate moms. (both combined are yummy, too) I am more of a chocolate lover. After a meal or on a break, it’s a nice pick me up. But is it super healthy? Not unless it’s dark. I was recently introduced to Grab n Go Red Delight chocolates and they are pretty yummy. My favorite has to be the milk chocolate with Hazelnut and Macadamia bar. Sooo good! And I don’t feel so guilty because these bad boys are naturally sweet and only 100 calories.
  • Workout Routine– At the start of quarantine, I felt so unmotivated. It was still pretty cold out and I had planned to get back into the gym that month. That didn’t go as planned and I had to figure something out. A few friends mentioned that they felt the same way so we decided to start a facebook group to hold each other accountable. It was great for a couple of months but we all kind of went in and out of it. What matters is that it got us moving. We loved using the easy at home workouts, Blogilates. I’ve kind of rambled here but my point is find what works for you. A daily walk, ten minute workout, yoga; etc. Not only did we all say how great we felt but we also felt less anxious, less guilty of not exercising, less stressed, even more confident. I even got my daughter to join me which was fun. So if you can, involve the kids, too.
  • Headphones– Sometimes, you really need to tune everyone out. Everyone is home and everyone needs MOM. But if you allow them to tug at you every minute, you’ll become angry, tired, exhausted mom. And well, no one likes her much, right? So a good set of headsets is essential. Forget the bluetooth speaker, put on sound proof headphones and let them figure it out sometimes. They’ll be ok.

So there it is. Those are some of my must haves for survival. I hope you’ll try these out and wish you a successful new school year. You got this mamas!