As the holidays are fast approaching, I can’t help but think of traveling. Visits to relatives, short weekend trips or weddings. Or maybe- if you’re like me and are a photographer by day- you sometimes have to travel to a job and stay overnight. So, that totally recently happened. I worked a wedding about an hour and a half away from home and I had to stay out. Luckily, Baggallini had sent me the perfect overnight set for travel.

If you’re life tends to get a little messy (like mine), these are perfect to keep you nice and organized. Seriously. There is literally a pocket for EVERYTHING.

First, there’s the make up organizer. I really liked this case because it is light weight, the fabric is great quality (easy to wipe clean!), and there are pockets to help you fit all of your beauty essentials. Hey, even for one night away from home a girl should be prepared.

Items pictured:

Alberta Tote

Mini Complete Cosmetic

Iron Cover


The company also sent an iron cover which is great for your hot tools. You can fit either a flat iron or curling iron.



I was able to fit everything I needed. I even had space left over which is shocking.


The Alberta Tote is wonderful. You can fit so much in it. I used it to tote my camera since it was a lighter job and it really came in handy. From a photographer’s perspective, here’s what I loved about this bag for my profession.


Pockets-  I used one small pocket to store some batteries, the laptop slot for my iPad, another slot for memory cards. I ditched my wallet and used the built in type wallet inside the bag. I carried 2 lenses, a camera body and a flash. Need I say more? When I left the job, no one would know I was carrying around over three thousand dollars worth of equipment either.

I know this bag is not a photographer bag but I needed something to travel with that didn’t scream- camera inside! Steal me! And honestly, this worked so well.

Now, as a traveler or business person, the Alberta Tote is also extremely functional. You can carry a laptop, paperwork, writing tools, supplies and more. There are so many pockets to stay organized. I highly recommend the bag for both travel and everyday on the go for the busy gals out there. And the bag is very attractive so you can easily take it from work to cocktails. I’m sure moms who loathe the uncool diaper bags would opt for this bag, too.



*I am not being paid for this post. These items were sent to me for an honest review.