Right in the heart of Downtown Englewood, fashion boutique Milagro’s Clothing Design Boutique opened their doors to the public. The boutique is a fashion house with the style musings of the everyday woman. 

Brunch is always a fun idea

Milagro’s guests attended a  “fashion brunch” which entailed music by DJ Giselle, catering by LesSavory Chef Maria, mini makeovers provided by Motives cosmetics and more. A preview of Milagro’s latest collection was also showcased.

Visit Milagro’s boutique

The boutique is located at 9 North Dean Street in Englewood, NJ. For more info: Milagro’s Clothing Design Boutique

milagro's clothing
CEO and designer Nadine Machado (right), models. Photo Credit: Lenz Life Photography NJ/NY

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milagro's clothing

Photo Credits: JerseyFashionista.com, Lenzlife NJ/NY