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This holiday season, I got to take the Prius Prime (2017) for a spin. Not only was it a fun experience but also a very educational one. I learned so much about the Toyota Prius Prime and the benefits of having an eco-friendly vehicle. What started out as a series of confusing moments turned into a lovely relationship between a girl and a hybrid.

When the Prius Prime was delivered to my home, I thought, it’s a small car I’ll have to get used to driving it.

I also thought there was no difference between driving a hybrid and a regular car- wrong! There are many differences. Nothing huge but it does take some getting used to for me anyway. From the moment I got into Prius Prime, the experience was very different than driving a regular vehicle. There is a push start button, a large touchscreen- and then, there’s the joystick. This was my least favorite part. I read through the manual and watched a Youtube video to figure this one out. I’m so used to having a shift in the middle that this little joystick was so foreign to me!

My daughter thought it was comical that I couldn’t figure out how to drive the Prius Prime at first.

She joked that the car would remain in the driveway for the rest of the week. Once I got the hang of the joystick, it was a lot of fun. I felt like I was driving around a little futuristic car. I got so comfortable in this car, I couldn’t believe it. We decided to head into the city for brunch the next morning but we ended up staying until later to see the holiday window displays, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and the tree at Rockefeller Center.

The rest of the week was pretty bad for driving since we had a snowstorm. I did get to run some errands after the roads were clear. The Prius Prime is a smooth ride and has lots of safety features like blindspot monitors and crossing traffic alerts. The battery stayed more than halfway charged and the gas was barely used up by the end of the week. All amazing features, if you ask me.

Inside the Prius Prime

What I like about the Toyota Prius Prime

  • Small size but roomy enough for a small family (plus good amount of trunk space)
  • Gas economical
  • Nice size back up camera
  • Comfortable seating
  • Technology- 54 mpg when using the gas tank, 25 miles on battery, large touchscreen display, blindspot monitors, and crossing traffic alerts. wireless charging pad, automatic high beams, and more.
  • White and black interior design
  • Heated seats

Would I buy the Toyota Prius Prime? Maybe. I think it’s an awesome car for someone who drives locally, wants to save on gas, and cares about the environment. It would even make for the perfect second car for a small family, too. Being a mom of only one child, I can get away with a car that seats four people. And since I often go into the city for events, this is a great size car to have.

Have you driven the Toyota Prius Prime?

Toyota Prius Prime