“The straight and narrow is not the only path to success.” 

– Sophia Amoruso

Too many times, I’m sure you’ve wondered – what’s the easiest, fastest way? Is there a simple road to success? The answer is, NO. (unless of course, you hit the lotto or marry a prince) Whether you are looking to advance your career, love life, or current situation. We’ve all thought this way at one point. And that’s okay because as humans, stuck in an era where everything is faster and made more “simple” to us (think tech), it’s just normal thinking.

I want to remind you that to get where you are trying to go, not everything has to be done quickly.

Remember those mazes that we used to get as kids in school you had to figure out how to get to the end. Think of life in that same way. We start off smoothly but then we hit a block. We back up and try a different route. We hit a lot of dead ends, but in the end, we manage to find a way out. And we learn from every one of these paths. In a way, this is life.

The reason I quoted Sofia Amoruso, author of bestseller #GIRLBOSS, is because for some reason that stuck out to me this morning. A lot of my conversations with friends lately seem to be about this exactly. They’re either in careers where they’re not entirely happy and they’re not sure what the outcome will be, they’re in relationships and they’re not sure where the relationships are going- but they want them to go further quicker, or they’re so worried about their futures that they’re not thinking about their present. In Amoruso’s book, she shares that she worked several different before she became a successful . She explains how school wasn’t for her, her parents weren’t sure where she was headed in life, and how she herself wasn’t sure. She did know that she was destined to become an entrepreneur and explains her gratitude for all the experiences she had.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you find yourself in the current situation where you feel blocked or like you’ve hit a dead end, do not despair. Change your gears, hit reverse, and take an alternate route.

Don’t allow yourself to be stuck at a dead end. MOVE ON. The best thing about life is that we get second chances. Every day is a blank page just for you. So it’s really up to you to write your destiny.

As a female, I know we girls tend to have several emotions.

Everything is heightened. And we want so much. We want careers, we want relationships, we want success, we want the American dream -or maybe more like the Barbie dream- house, car, killer walk-in closet, and career- oh, and Ken, too! But in order to get there, you might make a lot of swerves, u-turns, and all-around do-overs. Just remember to always look at the big picture, keep a grateful heart and learn from every experience.

In my last post about entrepreneurship, I shared with you the three things that have helped me continue this journey.

They are faith, courage, and strength. When I hit my blocks, I always pause, look up and say, “I am letting go and I am letting God.” To me, this is helpful. It’s just a thing I tend to do and afterward, I always feel like things begin to fall back into place. I think the best way to describe what I mean would be Carrie Underwood’s hit song,”Jesus take the Wheel.” Now I’m not trying to get religious on you, whether you believe in God or Buddha or Allah- it doesn’t matter; everyone believes in something. There is something that keeps us going- maybe it’s your family or your dog, or a younger child who looks up to you. Whatever it may be, think about that- picture it and keep it moving sister. We’ve got this.