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Protect your privacy with a few simple gadgets. Photo: Dave Riboul

Have You Heard the News???

In case you haven’t already heard, there’s been a buzz about the iPhones Facetime feature giving people a way to eavesdrop on your conversations. Everyone is freaking out. No one wants their conversations to go public, right? Whether you’re afraid your tia may overhear you and your mom talking about her bad attempt at arroz con pollo or you don’t want your boss listening to you complain about work, I think you’ll find these tips to protect your phone privacy quite helpful.

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A camera cover is a small investment for your privacy. Photo: Lillie Morales

Tips to Protect Your Phone Privacy

  • Cover Your Cameras- All of your gadgets have cameras. Your cell phone, computers, tablets. Cover them using a piece of washi tape or invest in camera covers. I use these on all of my computers and phone. It’s a small investment and great to protect your privacy. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about snapping an unwanted photo and accidentally sharing it!
  • Cover Your Mic Jack- See no evil, hear no evil. How can a hacker hear your conversation? Through your mic jack, of course! If you’re worried about someone hearing your conversations, invest in a mic jack cover. It can save you the embarrassment of getting caught gossiping or better yet, leaking private information.
  • Use a Privacy Screen- Ever scroll on your phone and feel like someone behind you may be watching? It’s highly likely. People are nosy and love observing what others do. But using a privacy screen protector on your phone will prevent those nosey folks from seeing anything but a dark screen. And these screens not only protect your privacy but your screen from cracking as well. Privacy screens are also available for computers, laptops, and tablets.
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Gadgets like these can help protect your privacy. Photo: Amazon

Don’t Worry, Be Safe

Don’t get bitten by the Apple bug, take precaution! There are many products on the market to help protect privacy. Instead of worrying about getting hacked or people watching and listening to you, take some time to invest in something to protect you.

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