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I am wearing blue light non-prescription glasses as I write this post. I don’t need glasses, in fact, I had Lasik surgery when I was about 20 years young. But after years of working in front of a screen and looking at another screen to browse social media, my eyes began to suffer. They felt tired and I got headaches.

“Do you spend a lot of time in front of a computer? the doctor asked. “Way too much time some days,” I replied. And this is when my doctor recommended spending less time or getting some sort of screen protector for my computer. But me being me, I decided to look into every possible way I could protect myself from blue light. Here’s what I found.

Wear protective glasses when using your devices.

What is Blue Light?

Blue Light comes from the sun but is also the light we get from our devices such as computers, tablets, and phones. The light is actually not good for your eyes. Studies have shown that too much exposure can accelerate blindness, cause fatigue, damage sleeping patterns and cause headaches. It penetrates all the way to the retina which can damage your eyesight. It’s also been discovered that blue light can cause macular degeneration which causes blindness. Not to mention, too much exposure can cause damage to your skin. Inflammation, color changes, photo-aging, loss in elasticity. Are you scared yet?

Use a facial spray like Derma-E’s Blue Light Shield Spray.

Protect Yourself from Blue Light

Now that you know what it is, surely you want to prevent these terrible things from happening to you. Everyone is on their phones and computers so there’s really no way in getting around that but with a few small changes, you too can protect yourself.

  • Blue Light Glasses– you can get a non-prescribed or a prescribed pair. Prices go from $5 and up. If you work in front of a screen, I recommend spending a little more for better quality and comfort.
  • Blue Light Shield Spray & Serum- to protect my skin, I’ve been using Derma-e Blue Light Sheild Spray and Concentrated Serum. It’s clean and natural and feels nice on my skin. I love the spray for that refreshed feeling.
  • Screen Protectors– you can apply screen protectors to your devices to help block off blue light.
  • TV Protection- many new TVs come with filters that you can turn on. With the filter, one can adjust the tone of the blue light to a warmer tone. Warmer tones are better for your eyes as well as the chemicals you need for sleep in your brain. You must do this manually. For more protection, you can purchase a tv screen protector.

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Apply a serum to protect your skin before going online.

Make it a Habit

All of these things are great but remember nothing works unless you actually put it into practice. Make it a habit of wearing your blue light glasses by keeping them by your computer or bedside. Keep your blue light skin spray there, too.

I hope this post brings some you some awareness of the dangers of blue light. I can’t say for sure if these tips will prevent damage but my eyes certainly feel less strained and my skin feels refreshed.

Do you use any of the products mentioned above?