When the last bit of heat is still lingering, it might be a good idea to start getting out your oversized hoodies and swapping your shorts for leggings but most importantly, getting things ready around the home for the fall season. That could mean pulling out all the upcoming holiday decor but it also could mean making sure that the outside of your home is ready for the change of season, too.

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fall leaves
Photo Credit: Hannah Domsic on Unsplash

Here are a few tips to help your home look and feel it’s best during the Fall season.

  1. Cleaning and Storing Your Mower: When your mower sits for months, the gas in the tank will slowly start to deteriorate, which in turn, can damage your engine. Fuel stabilizer prevents the gas in good condition over the winter and stops your mower with gas before you put it away for the winter. Run the mower for five minutes to make sure that it reaches the carbuertor. 
  1. Drain Your Sprinkler System: When it comes to draining your irrigation system, there are few things to help you. First, turn off your water system to the main valve. Shut off the automatic controller and shut off the automatic controller. Open drain valves to remove the water and if you see any above ground sprinkler heads, shake the water out of them and replace it. If you need someone to assist you, hire a pro to blow out the system’s pipes with compressed air. 
  1. Seal Air Leaks: If you’ve been thinking about sealing those air leaks in your home, now is the time to do it. Go around your home’s exterior and seal up any cracks between the trim and siding, around the door frames and where the wires and pipes enter your home. If you can prevent moisture from getting inside the walls, it will be one of your least expensive but most essential maintenance jobs to get done this season. 
  1. Gunk Out Your Gutters: If you have any gutters, you can bet that they will be clogged which can lead to expensive repairs if they are not repaired soon. After the leaves have fallen, clean your gutters to remove the gunk, twigs, leaves and more that have been up there for the last few weeks. Replace any worn or damaged gutters or downspouts. 
  2. Check Your Roof Out : If you have a steep roof or a multi story home, stay safe and use binoculars to check your roof from the ground. What to look for includes missing, cracked or buckled shingles, flashing or rust spots, any missing or loose shingles then these need to be replaced as soon as possible. Call in the professionals to help you patch and replace these so you don’t get hurt. Peter’s Roofing in New Jersey is a top business to help with all your roofing questions, concerns and issues. These Clark roof repair professionals know exactly what to do to keep your roof looking it’s best season after season so be sure to give them a call today! 

Many of the projects listed above can be done on your own, but if you want or need to hire a professional, it’s important to find someone you can trust.

It’s a big decision to spend money and invest in your home, so you want to make sure you can hire someone with experience and passion for helping you reach your home goals.

At the end of the day, weekend home improvement projects can add value to your home life and home value. Take time to work through what’s best for you and pick a weekend and get started. After all, Fall is one of the best seasons to do it!