The secret to flawless skin is a good skincare regimen. You’d be shocked to know that could consist of multiple steps (about 7 and up). So when aesthetician, Jennifer Adell hopped on Zoom to share about her layering secrets using Clara’s New York skincare products, I knew she was the real deal. And I learned a lot of great tips from her.

Read on to find out what you need to be doing to achieve flawless skin.

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Before we dive into skincare tips, let’s discuss Clara’s New York.

I know I would be curious to know more about this K-beauty brand! By the way, did you know it’s thanks to K-beauty that layering is a thing? It’s brought more attention to layering skincare. I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of slathering their skin with ingredient-rich active ingredients (to target specific skin concerns)?

Clara’s New York, from Symphony Beauty, is a veteran-owned business by James Jo. Jo literally went from battlefield to beauty. Along with his team, Jo brings natural, safe, effective, and on-trend ingredients from South Korea which are manufactured locally and sold in the U.S. His passion and purpose became a loud calling to fulfill his life-long dream of creating a sustainable brand with his family in mind. Clara’s New York is a beauty brand that is accessible to everyone and in tune with nature. There are no harsh chemicals, animal testing, animal byproducts, and toxic parabens and additives in the products.

According to Aesthetician, Jennifer Adell, it’s essential to apply your skincare in the right order.

Here are some more guidelines she shared for a better skincare routine.

  • A good rule of thumb is to think of layering from thinnest to thickest in terms of the consistency of the serum and let each serum absorb before applying the next
  • The best partnerships in the morning are ingredients like vitamin c first, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and collagen which has exfoliating ingredients, followed by moisturizer and SPF cream goes last
  • Include your neck and decolletage in your routine
  • It is advised to use retinol at night and should not be paired with vitamin c and serums that exfoliate

It’s not simply washing your face and putting on some moisturizer.

There’s a bit more to it than that. I personally like to do a double cleanse in the evening, especially after wearing makeup. But after the cleansing, the next steps that come make a big difference. Here are some skincare tips Jennifer Adell shares:

  • Press the first serum you apply into the skin – instead of rubbing it in – this will save you on product and ensure you are leaving room for the next serum or product you are using to penetrate
  • Q10 is great for traveling
  • To target specific areas for aging or wrinkles, pat collagen, and peptide serum under the eyes, by the nose, and around the mouth
  • Use vitamin c first
  • A little goes a long way
  • Store serums in a cool and dry place – such as the fridge or even better a skincare fridge – bathrooms tend to be hot, bright, and humid. Drink a glass of water while getting them from the fridge!

I’ve been personally using Clara’s New York skincare products for two weeks now and really love everything about it. Ready to get started? Clara’s NY takes the guesswork out of how to layer serums. They have high-quality, skin-specific serums that all work synergistically – click here to see their bundles. The best part is that not only does this brand offer high-quality products but they’re also affordable. You don’t need to break the bank to care for your skin.

I love a brand that gets it. Sustainable, safe, and effective.

Learning more about Clara’s New York was a lot of fun. I felt inspired afterward and just had to share it with you, my readers. I hope you enjoyed learning more about this brand as much as I did and that you took away some new knowledge on caring for your skin.

xo lillie