*Spoiler Alert: If you have not yet watched Girlboss, do not read ahead. 

Netflix’s Girlboss premiered this month and I won’t lie- I watched it all (13 episodes) in three nights.  Being a fan of the best seller Girlboss (2014), I was super excited to watch. The series is based on the book, Girlboss but it’s obviously tweaked for entertainment purposes. It’s a comedy based on young entrepreneur turned millionaire, Sophia Amoruso and the start of her brand, Nasty Gal. Though I was a tad disappointed that the series wasn’t all by the book, it was still relatable (for me as an entrepreneur) and somewhat entertaining.

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Based on Sophia Amoruso’s true story

First, I want to point out that this is a series, people. Watch it and if you don’t like the person the story is based on, don’t watch it. Because honestly, when you dislike a person or a brand- anything they do or say will be frowned upon by you. I’ve read so many hate comments about Sophia Amoruso and her company, Nasty Gal. It just goes to show that the haters are always going to hate! #bosslife

About the Girlboss series…

Moving on… Britt Robertson (Tomorrowland) does a great job at playing Sophia. She’s sarcastic, stubborn, pretends to know it all but knows deep down she’s got a lot to learn. Sounds like a typical 20 something-year-old except this one is ambitious and eager to figure out how to make it on her own financially without “working for the man.” That’s that entrepreneurial spirit. And I guess you can call her a bit crazy and trashy- like when she does nasty things- dig for food in a dumpster or steal from places…so gross.

Inspiring girlbosses everywhere!

I enjoyed watching Sophia come up with an eBay store and cry over her first sale. If you don’t understand that part it’s because you’ve never lived it. I did eBay and had my own store when my daughter was born. It’s an awesome feeling to make a sale, especially big sales! And now as a business owner, making a sale is still the best feeling aside from getting positive feedback. It means so many things like the fact that you’re doing it- you’re not sitting in a cubicle all day without sunlight or eating lunch at your desk. You’re doing something you love and doing it on your terms.

You’ll have a love/hate relationship with the main character.

Sophia is a messed-up character. In fact, she’s hard to digest. Sophia struggles with issues from her past with her parents- a mother who left her to chase after her dreams and a dad who she feels doesn’t fully believe in her. She’s got anger built up inside that makes her bitter with the world. Many times you will think she’s just a jerk and difficult to root for but if you pay close attention, you’ll discover that this character does have feelings and a lot of hurt inside which has caused her to put up walls around her heart.

Girlboss has a fun cast.

Her dad is played by Dean Norris (Breaking Bad)- I have to admit I yelled “Hank!” at my t.v. when I saw him. And her sassy neighbor is played by Ru Paul which was fun to watch. Ellie Reed plays Annie her BFF- these two girls had great chemistry by the way. Annie is the best friend every girl wishes for! She’s supportive, caring, motivating, works for free- reminds me of my mom… We all need that person in life to be successful. Seriously, all it takes is that one person!

Heartbreaks, growing up, and friendships

Then there is Shane played by Johnny Simmons. The nice, supportive guy who turns out to be a total backstabbing cheater. I felt so sad for Sophia when she got heartbroken. After she finally gave someone a chance, she gets betrayed. I know her character is somewhat mentally unstable… But she didn’t deserve what he did to her. I totally hated him for it. However, I thought it was an important part of the series. It went to show that success can be lonely and that you really don’t need a man (not that type anyway).

I loved the ending where Sophia sort of has a growing-up moment. She is successful, has amazing friends, and decides to devote herself to her company. Because who needs a boyfriend when you’re building an empire anyway, right?