Swimming is one of the most popular types of exercise. After all, it’s so easy to want to just jump into a pool, lake, or body of water after a hot day. It’s still not as highly regarded as lifting weights or running. But hopefully these 5 reasons will change your mind and make you realize why you should start swimming.

1. Low Body Impact

This is definitely one of the biggest reasons to start swimming. When you run or workout, it is very easy to pull a muscle or have sore joints. Not only are injuries rare in swimming, but because of the low impact it is ideal for people who want to exercise who need to recover. The biggest example is people having hurt feet, shin splints, or muscle aches from running. Fortunately, swimming not only allows these people to keep exercising, but also gives them a chance to heal so that they aren’t making any other sacrifices.

2. Two in One Workout

Another great reason why you want to consider swimming as a primary form of exercise is that it works out your entire body. With most forms of exercise you can do cardio, or you can work out your muscles. However, swimming effectively does both. If it’s your first time swimming laps, you’ll probably notice that you’re quite winded after just a few laps so you know it’s great cardio. On the other hand the constant kicking and arm sweeping to propel you forward is also a great work out. Although swimming won’t get you body builder big or really increase muscle mass, it will definitely help you tone out your muscles so that you have a nice lean, cut look.

3. Refreshing

This was mentioned in the introduction, but seriously who doesn’t like taking a dip into the pool? Unlike other forms of exercise, swimming allows you to cool off and refresh after a long day of work or to escape the hot sun. Yes, you’ll get warm if you are swimming laps in the pool, but this fact definitely adds some enjoyment to your daily swim!

4. No Equipment Required

Personally, this is a big bonus to me. When I first tried going to the gym I didn’t understand all the different machines and motions you had to perform to use them correctly. There’s a reason why people are always obsessed with “technique” when it comes to working out. Additionally, going to the gym to use the equipment can be annoying if you…

1. Have to wait (who likes waiting to workout? It’s already hard enough as it is)

2. Have to deal with sweaty equipment – People are supposed to towel off the equipment, but a lot of them forget, thus leaving the next person the opportunity to enjoy some cold, sticky sweat.

5. Variety

Although this point isn’t great for people using machines, it is a nice little plus for people who particularly enjoy running. After all, how many ways can you run? You can run fast, and you can run slow, but you can’t run with different motions without looking really weird or hurting yourself (or maybe both)! Fortunately, with swimming there are tons of different strokes such as

 Freestyle

 Butterfly stroke

 Backstroke

 Breaststroke

Though they’re all considered swimming, using these different kinds of strokes actually work out different areas of your body. Additionally, it’s a nice changeup if you get bored easily. Bored of one stroke? Easy — just start using another!

Swimming is a great form of exercise that everyone able to should be considering. It’s easy on the body, serves as 2 workouts in 1, refreshing, simple, and varied – all things that add up to what I consider the perfect workout. There are even swim workout classes offered at gyms or pools if you prefer instruction. If you haven’t tried it before, you should definitely consider adding this therapeutic option it to your weekly or even daily routine.

Have you hit the pool lately?



About the Author

Laurie Smith

Laurie is a proud mother of 2 and home owner with a pool. Her 2 favorite hobbies include hiking and swimming. She created a blog to help others learn about pool care and maintenance. You can find it here.



Photo Credit: artzenter