Soon Dar Secrets salon in Hoboken invited me and my little girl to enjoy an afternoon of pampering. We love to have our nails done together so we were very excited. Spa days are just the best.

Soon Dar Secrets is located right in the heart of Hoboken on 1st street.

Pooja Tulsidas, one of the salon’s founders greeted us and showed us around. The first thing I noticed was that there were no harsh smells of salon products or chemicals. Pooja explained to us that the salon is in fact, organic and Hoboken’s first clean-air salon. She is also a mom and values the importance of family and the use of safe natural products.


I can’t think of a better place for a mommy & me spa day than a non-toxic environment.

“Our salon caters to your organic lifestyle by servicing your hair, skin, and nails using herbal, organic, and healthier alternative treatments and products.  All our products are free from ammonia, formaldehyde, and toxins.” explained, “We also have a dedicated playroom fun for children.  It’s a salon that is safe and friendly for the entire family!”

More than nail services are offered at Soon Dar Secrets.

Soon Dar Secrets offers many services including hair care, cut, color, hair removal, nail services, and more. After our tour, Pooja showed us to the Mani/Pedi area. Liana was browsing the nail polishes- all organic and toxin-free. She chose to have a french manicure for her little fingers and a lilac color for her toes. Since she attends a private school, she has to keep the colors light and natural-looking.


My daughter loved the comfy chairs and giant bowls filled with fresh flower petals. She felt like a princess!


I also got a pedicure and went with a coral color. I normally do reds and dark polishes on my toes. Again, I was shocked that there were no “salon smells” in the air. Everything was natural and fresh. This is great especially for pregnant women, children, and anyone sensitive to those harsh smells. Organic is good for everyone, really.


My daughter and I  were very happy with our mani/pedis. The polish also dried very quickly and remained nice and shiny.  If you’re in the Hoboken area or going to spend a day out there, I highly recommend making a stop here for a relaxing treat.



Special thanks to Pooja Tulsidas Soon Dar Secrets Salon for the invitation!