Road trips are the best! Every year, as a family we try to get a couple of road trips in before the end of summer. This year we decided on visiting Mystic, Connecticut. Why Mystic? Really because it’s something different and not too far of a drive. We heard great things about the small town- plus it’s tie to the iconic 80’s flick, Mystic Pizza, makes it more interesting. We spent three days in Mystic and explored some neat historical sites, dined at some yummy places (see our first impression of Mystic Pizza in the vlog), went sailing on a historical boat, and saw lots of cool sea creatures!

Liana enjoyed our visit to Mystic because it’s such a family friendly place. We especially loved the Mystic Seaport Museum which is basically set up like a small interactive village set in the 1800’s and the aquarium. Traveling with a curious nine year old can sometimes be a challenge. You have to keep them happy, entertained and make sure to dine at places with foods that fit their appetite. Mystic was definitely easy to do that. And in only a few days, you can experience what they have to offer since it’s such a small area between two towns. Check out our travel vlogs below for highlights on our visit to Mystic, CT.

Packing Tips

  • Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, bug repellent for outdoors
  • Comfortable walking shoes (or sneakers)
  • A light backpack- great to carry some essentials like water, maps, sunscreen and snacks
  • A camera (or your phone will do if it takes good pictures)- you will want to capture the pretty picturesque town
  • For roadtrips- snacks, baby wipes, paper towel, a blanket, DVD player or tablet, coloring books. If you’re traveling with kids, these are must haves or they will get bored and drive you bananas!

Have you been to Mystic? What was your favorite thing about it?

Until the next post, xoLillie