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The cast of King Kong on Broadway is diverse, talented and fun! Photo: Matthew Murphy

King Kong on Broadway

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Adventure awaits the aspiring actress, Ann Darrow, but is she cut out for the part?
Photo: Matthew Murphy

An aspiring actress looking for a break.

The story takes place during the Great Depression. Aspiring actress, Ann Darrow is living the starving artist life as she hopes to break into the acting industry. She coincidentally meets filmmaker, Carl Denham at a diner and he convinces her to join him on an adventure to film a movie as the main actress. Carl paints a pretty picture for Ann that she simply cannot resist.

Don’t be fooled though, Ann is no damsel in distress. She’s more of a free spirit (in a dress). She is brave, independent and determined to go after her dreams. At times, she feels like a fraud and questions her choices but then she keeps going. This is what’s so special about Ann’s character. She’s not a princess who needs saving.

Seats within the first ten rows are totally worth it for this show!

The King is the real star of the show!

Ok, enough about Ann. When she encounters King Kong, the two share the spotlight and it’s absolutely beautiful. They form a bond which I won’t spoil for you but if you’ve seen the movies, you can probably guess how it goes. All I can say is- WOW! I have never seen a show done like this before. The amazing mix of animatronics, puppetry, lighting, and music makes King Kong seem so realistic. There are scenes that make him look like he climbed up a mountain or a building, running, jumping- it’s thrilling to watch! And here’s a tip- splurge on those seats within the first ten rows if you want to see him up close. And it is so cool. If you’re looking for a unique Broadway experience, I highly recommend this show. King Kong is not just an action movie anymore, it’s about courage, friendship and doing the right thing.

With my date to the show (my goddaughter). It was her first Broadway show and she loved it!

You’ve got to see it to believe it!

In the play, film producer, Carl says that people have to see King Kong to believe he really exists. And as much as I can share that he truly is an amazing work of art, you really do have to see it to believe it! So, in case you’re curious and want to pay the King a visit, here’s a coupon code KKPVM129 (valid through 9/1).

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Outside of the Broadway Theatre, King Kong’s current home.

More info…

King Kong on Broadway is located at the Broadway Theatre
1681 Broadway (Between 52nd and 53rd Streets)

The show runs for 2 hours and 20 minutes (with one 15 minute intermission).

Recommended for ages 8+
Children under 4 are not permitted in the theatre.